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Warm Line

When you just need to talk . . .

We all have times when you just need to talk to someone, let off some steam, or sort through
your day. We’ll listen and/or help you brainstormsolutions to your problems.

When you call the Warm Line, you will talk to a peer. We understand how you’re feeling because
we’ve been there. We are clients of the Mental Health system who have proven that living good,
healthy lives is possible even with a clinical diagnosis. We are called Peer Specialists. We’ve
been trained to help others like you deal with your non-life threatening issues. We are a kind, listening
ear when you just need to talk.

The Warm Line is available to anyone who just needs to talk about any non-crisis issue
and is staffed by a Peer Support Specialist. The Warm Line number is 

1-877-550-4007 and is currently available during the weekdays.


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