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Crisis Center

When you’re experiencing a crisis such as depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, . . .

Crisis Center
Call 456-2014 or 1-800-300-9558

if you are experiencing any of the following examples of a crisis:
• Thoughts of suicide
• Uncomfortable symptoms of mental illness
• Bereavement
• Situational stressors (financial, job loss, homelessness)
• Relationship difficulties
• Substance abuse
• Family concerns
• Parenting needs
• Feeling overwhelmed
• Depression or anxiety

Around the Clock Crisis Services

Telephone: Clients can call and speak to a trained Crisis staff member anytime. They will assess the situation and offer assistance or help refer the individual to valuable community resources and information.

Walk-In: Clients may come directly to the Crisis Center to meet face-to-face with a Crisis counselor to obtain support, referrals, or information. No appointment necessary.

Mobile: On-location support is available for emergency situations. Crisis staff will offer support, assistance to the hospital for evaluation, and other on-scene support.
Get Help: Face-to-Face  • In your home • In the community

Follow-Up: Crisis Services will provide a follow-up program to assist individuals with
support after initial contact. This can be done in-office or at the client’s home.

SAFELine: Youth in grades K-12 can receive safe, confidential, support to cope with
issues such as bullying, thoughts of suicide, relationship problems, etc. This 24/7/365
hotline provides live support from Crisis Services staff when they call 456-SAFE.

Warm Line: The Warm Line is available to anyone who just needs to talk about any
non-crisis issue and is staffed by a Peer Support Specialist. The Warm Line number is
1-877-550-4007 and is currently available during the weekdays.

New Location
Crisis Services: 2560 West 12th Street

Call 456-2014 or 1-800-300-9558


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