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SAFELine is the first of its kind in the region because it
provides 24/7/365 live support to kids and teens.


The Problem:
Bullying is estimated to affect as many as 30% of all school students.
• Many victims of bullying don’t come forward because they fear revenge from the person who is bullying them.
• Concerned friends want to provide support but are unsure how to help.

The Solution:
SAFELine provides a safe, confidential, and easy way for kids and teens in grades K-12 to obtain the support they need to cope with bullying behavior.

SAFELine has staff ready 24-hours a day/365 days a year to help kids and teens cope with bullying.
Other issues addressed by SAFELine include:

• Teen pregnancy
• Anxiety
• Substance abuse
• Other youth-related concerns
• Depression

Our Youth Advisory Council represents teen voices to the SAFELine program

Callers also have the option to talk face-to-face with SAFELine staff.

SAFELine services are free to all Erie County residents.

Visit the SAFELine website:

for more information on this important
service. Helpful resources are available for
students, parents, and professionals.

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