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Peer Specialist

What is Recovery?
Mental Health Recovery begins with the hope that a person can regain their ability to live life to its fullest potential. The process of recovering is
unique to each person. With support and education about ways to work toward mental wellness, a person can reduce or even eliminate the
presence of symptoms. Recovery has its ebbs and flows, but it’s rooted in the belief of a person’s ability to thrive and grow.                                             


What is a Certified Peer Specialist?
“A Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) is a paid staff person with a mental health and/or co-occurring disorder who has been trained and certified to help her/his peers identify and achieve specific life goals. The Certified Peer Specialist promotes self determination, personal responsibility and empowerment inherent in recovery, and assists people with mental illness to regain control over their lives and their recovery process.” –Institute for Recovery and Community Integration

How do Certified Peer Specialists help?
Certified Peer Specialists embody hope in the ability of a person to find wellness and strength within themselves and the community. Certified Peer Specialists assist individuals in their journey of recovery and wellness through mutual respect, trust, hope and education. The role of the Certified Peer Specialist includes:

  • Assisting with identifying and attaining personal recovery goals.
  • Working to identify supports for individuals and to help them learn the skills to access services.
  • Assisting individuals to become empowered through development of communication and self-advocacy skills.
  • Promoting, helping, and facilitating a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) with the individual.

For more information, or to request a referral please speak with your doctor, nurse, therapist, or contact:
Safe Harbor Behavioral Health Intake Line at 451-2214
All services are confidential.

For more information about the clinic services available, please contact:
Safe Harbor Behavioral Health at 814-459-9300

In the event of a crisis please call Crisis Services 24/7 Hotline at:
814-456-2014 or 1-800-300-9558

For non-life threatening issues, call the Warm Line at 1-877-550-4007.

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