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When the crisis situation could lead to something more serious . . .


Crisis Services Acute Need & Diversion Services

Crisis Services Acute Need and Diversion Services (CSANDS) is a 30-day program that includes crisis follow up services, therapy, and medication management. The program is designed for clients whose needs cannot be met in a traditional outpatient setting. When the crisis situation could lead to inpatient hospitalization, job loss, or other life disruption that can be prevented by quick and intensive access, CSANDS is a program that should be considered. All referrals for the CSANDS program are made by contacting Crisis Services at 456-2014. Crisis staff will meet with the client to help ensure that CSANDS is the best program, or help the client get enrolled in a different program if need be.

Therapy Services
CSANDS provides a more intensive level of outpatient services, for those who need it. Therapists are able to meet program participants up to twice a week, in their homes, in the community, or at Safe Harbor. All therapists are master level clinicians trained to work with a variety of issues for clients in a crisis situtation.

Follow-up Coordinators
Follow-up Coordinators will ensure that services and supports are in place to provide clients with every opportunity to succeed. During this short-term and focused program, Follow-Up Coordinators will:
• Coordinate all providers
• Coordinate releases of information and record needs
• Make referrals
• Help clients get to appointments
• Assist clients in accessing benefits
• Provide ongoing crisis counseling

Psychiatric Services
CSANDS participants receive quicker access to prescribers, so that they can get their medications needs met. They also have longer appointments, up to once a week during their time in CSANDS, to ensure there is a good opportunity to communicate about and monitor medications.

Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for CSANDS, a client must be experiencing one or more of the following:
• At Risk for Inpatient Stay
• At Risk for Job Loss/Life Disruption due to Symptoms
• Agreeable to Services
• In Need of Additional Supports to Stabilize Situation
• In Need of Immediate Access to Services
• Have Coexisting: Substance Abuse, Medical, MR, Forensic, Homelessness (creating an immediate need)

Exclusion Criteria
Clients will be ineligible for CSANDS due to:
• Safety Risks Deemed Inpatient Level; client will be assisted in seeking this level of care
• In-Voluntary; clients must wish to receive these services

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