Safe Harbor has provided internship and educational experiences to students seeking a variety of degrees, such as:

  • Associates in Accounting/Finance
  • Associates in Medical Assistant/Coding
  • Nursing, Physician Assistant, and Medical Students
  • Bachelors and Masters in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling and related fields
  • Psychiatric Residents
  • Doctorate in Psychology (APA Internship via Erie Psychological Consortium)

Here’s what some of our students have had to say about their internships:

“During my internship at Crisis Services, I have broadened my communication skills and mental health knowledge by engaging with clients of all ages, ethnicities, races and so forth. I answered incoming calls, called local agencies for referrals for clients, performed assessments with clients and their families, and learned about the many different diagnoses that our clients are suffering from. I feel that I have learned a great deal of knowledge from all of my shift supervisors, fellow crisis workers and especially from the Crisis Coordinator, Bill Herlihy and from the VP of Clinical Operations, Mandy Fauble. I have become more confident in myself as a new and upcoming social worker based on my experience here at Crisis Services, thanks to these wonderful employees and their fantastic work ethic.”


“I observed intakes, individual therapy sessions, and group sessions at the beginning of my internship. I then started to do intakes with another therapist present. I was then given my own caseload, very small at first, and begin performing individual therapy sessions. I was also involved in individual supervision and group supervision which helped me a lot. I feel that my internship helped tremendously because it gave me time to become comfortable with the Credible system, the agency, and the staff. It was also very helpful because it allowed me to ease into seeing clients instead of simply being thrown into sessions. “


"My internship experience at SHBH was invaluable. All the jargon that I learned in textbooks did not prepare me for the real world like the knowledge that I acquired from direct service at the SHBH outpatient clinic. From day one, you are thrust into action. I was able to learn the group therapy process, experience psycho-social intakes, observe and learn individual counseling techniques, and got to mingle with doctors, therapists, CRNPs, and other professional staff in a short period of time. Throughout the internship, I was being prepared to work professionally in the field of social services. Upon completion, I was confident in my ability to be a helper and to provide a high level of care to individuals, groups, families, and the community at large."


"The Safe Harbor Behavioral Health Crisis Residential Unit was the location in which I conducted my internship as a social work major for undergrad. Here I was able to work with clients through facilitating group therapy, observe individual sessions with therapists and clients, and assist with linking clients to other services that they would need after discharge, as well as contribute to and uphold the therapeutic environment. I was able to gain a better sense of how the CRU operates, as well as how related services and resources within the area can be of great assistance to clients. Working with staff on a daily basis also provided groundwork for what it is truly like to be employed in the field. My experience allowed me to grasp concepts and gain valuable insight into the field of social work, as well as take on the roles of a broker, facilitator, educator, and many others that are so important to the profession. Overall, the CRU provided me with a great opportunity to learn, experience, become prepared and to grow in all of the areas that are most important in social work."


"I am an intern at the CRU.  I am a student at Capella University pursuing my master’s in Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Substance Abuse Counseling.  I have been using my internship to practice what I have learned, specifically the use of Mindfulness Based therapeutic approaches such as Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  A group that I have conducted using MBCT is the mandala group and has been so popular that residents are often coloring these mandalas outside of group time."  


"My internship at Crisis Services was a unique experience. Through it, I had exposure to clients of various age, race, religion, nationality and sexual orientation. I had an opportunity to develop skills that were specific to crisis intervention, but also to myself professionally; I learned about resources available in the area and how to make referrals to those resources. Additionally, I learned most about the mental health system and how Erie County services play a vital part enriching the lives of the Erie County residents with a mental health diagnosis  and their families."


"Through my internship at the Crisis Residential Unit, I was provided with first-hand, real-life experience working one-on-one and in group settings with individuals with mental illness and in crisis. The staff at the CRU was always so helpful and supervision was always available, making me feel very comfortable and supported. Throughout this experience I gained invaluable knowledge and experience working within the mental health field. This internship has greatly enhanced my client interaction skills as well as my knowledge of community agencies/services in order to provide continuity of care for those clients in need. The helpfulness and competence of all of the staff members made this an amazing and very rewarding educational experience for me."


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