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Crisis Residential Unit

When you need a healing, restful environment . . .

Safe Harbor Behavioral Health’s Crisis Residential Unit is
a new community alternative to an inpatient mental health
hospitalization. The Crisis Residential Unit is a voluntary
program for adults who are experiencing a mental health
emergency. Any person experiencing a mental health crisis will
have the opportunity to be assessed for admission into the facility.

This 8 bed unit is designed to be a hospital alternative
program. The home-like setting is a place for residents to work
on building supports with other community resources and
work towards their goal of recovery. Residents receive quality
24-hour care including: daily opportunities to meet with a
licensed prescriber for medication management, round the
clock nursing, daily individual and group therapy sessions,
recreational activity, and access to a peer specialist.

• Private bedrooms
• Outdoor space
• Healthy, delicious meals
• Semi-private bathrooms
• Stay up to 5 days
• 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Must be at least 18 years of age




To find out if you qualify for admission to the Crisis Residential Unit,
please call Crisis Services at 456-2014.


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