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Psychiatric Services

Our psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants provide state-of-the-art psychiatric (medication related) services. These include:

Psychiatric Evaluation, which occurs at the beginning of a relationship with a prescriber. The prescriber meets with clients for a longer appointment to better understand their history, symptoms, and will then assist clients in making a plan for treatment with medications.

Medication Management appointments occur after an initial evaluation. Clients and their prescribers schedule these appointments based on the client’s need for support around medications. During a medication check-up, clients meet with nurses and their prescribers.

Nursing Support is the foundation of the Safe Harbor medication clinic. Nurses offer support to clients, assist them to obtain medications, provide medication education, and help clients work well with their prescribers.

Contacting the Clinic can be done via voicemail, which the nurses check routinely. Please call regarding refills or questions: 814-459-9300, option # 4

In the event of an emergency, contact Crisis Services at 814-456-2014

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